Even during a pandemic, the self storage business has shown to be more resilient than other small businesses. Why? Businesses need self storage. Discover three reasons why you need to book your self storage unit today.

Open for Business?

As you already know, Governor Jay Inslee has lifted the stay-home order on June 1st. This means that the state will allow more goods and services to open. Moreover, some professional services and offices have the option to open, but teleworking is still strongly encouraged.

Knowing that all four phases issued by Gov. Inslee will still require social distancing, you may be wondering if it’s the right time for your business to open or not? Or, perhaps, you might be wondering with what to do with the surplus of goods in your business?

The answer is simple: EZ Access Storage has the right storage unit for your business. We’ve got three, EZ reasons why should book your storage unit today.

Wenatchee carpenter who needs self storage for his business

Many small businesses require additional storage.

Reason 1: Unused Inventory

As the people of Wenatchee slowly step out of the stay-home order, this could be the best time for your business to reevaluate your inventory. We know that there are approximately over one-hundred blue-collar businesses in our mountain gateway towns of Wenatchee and Rock Island, WA.

Let us help you store your unused inventory.

Let’s face it: Your New Year’s resolution to grow your business probably was buried by the COVID-19 crisis. If you ordered a surplus of supplies at the beginning of your fiscal year, or if your business is cluttered with supplies you no longer use, or products you no longer sell, it’s time to declutter! We at EZ Access Storage understand that investing money into your new business venture requires a lot of front-loading of materials; materials you thought you might need, and they just sit there. Instead of throwing away or donating your unused inventory…store it! We have just the size for you.

Wenatchee business woman tracking inventory in a storage unit

Keeping a well-organized inventory is important for any small business.

Reason 2: Keep Your Inventory Organized

As a small business ourself, we understand how important it is to keep your inventory organized. Most importantly, small businesses tend to be, well, small. The smaller your office space or business site, the less space you have dedicated to inventory storage. This is never a problem for big-box stores.

Here are a three tips to keep your inventory organized:

  • Organize your products by type, and be sure to group them together. This way, your inventory will be easier to find.
  • We recommend adhering digital photos of the items on the boxes’ exterior, so you know exactly what you’re pulling.
  • Moreover, add stickers with the stock-keeping unit (SKU) numbers, so you can easily track and maintain your inventory.

Reason 3:  Separate Business from Home

Many small businesses operate out of home offices and workspaces. However, as your business–and inventory–grows, it can be alluring to merge your workspace and home life. This could end up being considered a commingling of funds, which is a big NO-NO!

The more you can separate your home life from your business, the better off you will be. Therefore, it’s time to clear your spare bedroom and buy a storage unit. You’ll find that renting a self storage unit is quite a reasonable, and affordable, way to store and track your inventory.

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