When boating season is over, where are you going to store your boat? EZ Access Storage, of course! Keep your garage and driveway clear and your boat safe and secure with dedicated boat storage at our storage facility.

At EZ Access Storage, we are proud of our affordable Boat Storage solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our facility now offers an extensive range of covered parking spaces, boasting 17 different sizes to accommodate virtually every size and shape of boat and personal watercraft. Whether you have a small jet ski or a large pontoon boat, we have the perfect parking space rental for you. Additionally, our storage facility prioritizes security and surveillance, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Types of Storage for Boats

EZ Access Storage is proud to offer our values customers a range of watercraft and boat storage options so you can find the solution that best fits you and your lifestyle.

Indoor Watercraft Storage

Some small boats and other watercraft can be stored in enclosed storage units. These spaces function much like a garage, allowing you to back your boat into the unit on a trailer.

boats under covered parking in EZ Access Storage facility

Covered Boat Storage

Covered storage is the bridge between indoor and outdoor storage. While you get the benefits of spacious outdoor spots, you’ll also have a roof that will protect your boat from the sun and other elements. We offer 17 different sizes of covered parking ranging from 14′ to 58′ in length.

Open Boat Parking Rental

Outdoor storage is a very common form of boat storage. In the warmer months, if you use your boat regularly or want to be more spontaneous when good time and weather allow, open parking space rentals are a great option. You can easily grab your boat and head out to the water! We offer 3 different sizes of open parking ranging from 18′ to 40′ in length.

Boat Storage Preparation

Whether you need to store your boat long-term or just until the winter weather clears up, you need to take the right steps to prepare your boat. By preparing your boat for storage, you can avoid damage to the boat’s internal and external components.

  • 1

    Clean your Boat
    You should always make sure to give your boat a good wash before storing it. This gets rid of any dirt and grime that could damage the paint. Along with washing it, be sure to give it a good wax and buff as well.

  • 2

    Replenish Fluids
    All fluids should be replenished before storing your boat away, especially fuel and oil. Don’t store your boat with anything less than a full tank, as this can allow air and moisture to get inside, which can damage your fuel system.

  • 3
    Remove the Battery
    If you’re storing your boat outside or in a covered space where it’s susceptible to external temps, be sure to remove the battery. Batteries left in extreme heat or cold can be easily damaged. It’s best to remove the battery and take it home with you where you can keep it charged until you pull your boat out of self-storage.
  • 4
    Cover Your Boat
    Boats being stored should always have a cover on them. This will protect the vessel from any precipitation, debris, and other issues that could ruin the paint, seals, carpeting, etc.

    If you want to take the protection for your boat to the next level, consider our shrink wrapping services if you store with us. This is the best way to protect your boat from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain, and snow.

Find Boat Storage Near You

Whether you choose an indoor unit or a covered spot for boat storage at EZ Access Storage, your boat will be in good hands. We take pride in ensuring your boat is well-protected while it’s stored with us. Rent your spot for your boat today..