Let’s be honest, the coronavirus pandemic has created many unique challenges for self storage businesses all over the nation, including our very own North Central Washington. With the now mandatory stay-at-home initiative in Washington, many businesses are asking, “How do you take the “human” out of a human-centric economy?”

Thankfully, EZ Access Storage has a safe, EZ solution to guarantee RV Storage, Boat Storage, self storage units, and even car storage, during this critical time.

The solution is simple: Contactless self storage. 

What is Contactless Storage?

With the tidal wave of technology flooding every corner of the business market, this also holds true to your local East Wenatchee and Rock Island storage facility. Contactless storage essentially takes away the human element, providing safer and simpler self storage options. How does it work? Well, it’s as EZ as 123!

Step 1: Rent or Reserve Online

You are our priority. That’s why we want to provide a safe rental experience by offering online reservations and rentals. Whether

Rent a storage unite online in Wenatchee or Rock Island

Renting your East Wenatchee storage unit online is as EZ as 1,2,3!

you’re moving, need to downsize, or store your recreational vehicle, we have a secure storage option for you.

When you arrive at our rental page, select the location you wish to rent or reserve from. Once you’ve selected your location (For your typical storage needs, customers select the EZ Access Storage, while boaters typically select Chelan Boat Storage), you can reserve or rent the perfect storage space by clicking on the right option for you. Finally, when you complete the Rental Information questionnaire and finalize your payment, you’ll reserve a confirmation explaining the next steps.

Need Help with Selecting a Size?

Did you know that the most common storage unit is a 10×10? Yet, if you are part of a multi-family home, or a large office space, you may want to go for 15×30 (which is approximately the size of an average master bedroom). No matter what your storage needs are… give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss options that best fit your needs. 

Step 2: Access Granted

Enter secure PIN to gain gate access

Enter EZ Access Storage with a unique PIN code.

Congratulations! You have now reserved your storage unit. Now what? 

As a family-owned company for over 25 years, we know that security is on the forefront of your mind. That’s why our EZ 123 process provides the ultimate peace of mind. With secure perimeter fencing, PIN code gate access, security cameras with motion detection, LED security lighting, and enhanced security locks on each unit. Therefore, when you finalize your reservation, you will be provided with a unique, secure PIN code. While this step provides a safe, contactless option for you, we always have a manager on-site to help with any questions you may have. 


Step 3: Let’s Get Movin’!

Wenatchee man moving into his new Rock Island EZ Storage Access storage unit.

Moving is stressful enough. Save yourself the hassle and secure your East Wenatchee/Rock Island storage unit today.

Ahh…the moment you’ve been waiting for. The second that you drive through the gates, we hope you feel at home. We understand that it’s a big step to trust someone to watch your collectables, valuables, and recreational goods. We know how you appreciate convenience and accessibility, so that’s why many of our storage units have two doors on both ends. So either way you pack it, you have the convenience of accessibility!

Also, we know that location and proximity is important to you. We are conveniently located on Highway 28 between East Wenatchee and Rock Island, WA.  Our accessible location creates easy access for your moving trucks, large trucks with trailers, as well as your Class A RVs and boats.

Final Thoughts

Even during a pandemic, acquiring a storage unit can be an essential. And what better time to reserve a unit? There are many options still available–even during a quarantine!  For example, while the majority of people rent units for moving purposes, there are still large groups who are downsizing. Instead of making the hasty decision to get rid of items…store them!  There is no better time than the present to start decluttering and storing precious items. Remember: You (and your safety) is our priority. That’s why we are implementing contactless self storage processes. However, friendly humans–our on-site managers–are available if you need assistance throughout our process, but if you prefer to operate online, we’re okay with that, too.  

Have a question? Get in touch. We’d love to help you with your storage needs.