Looking to create a more productive atmosphere in your work-from-home space? We’ve got your back. Here are a few home office organization ideas to help you.

The Benefits of Organizing Your Home Office

Home office organization is more than just having a space that looks nice. There are actually a couple of benefits that can come from clearing up your cluttered workspace.

Did you know that clutter can make you less productive? It’s true. That’s not all, though – clutter can also cause feelings of anxiety to rise. These are not things you should be battling while trying to get your work done. Taking the time to organize your space can help keep your mind clear and focused on your task at hand without getting you down.

Having an organized office can also help you know exactly where to find all your office supplies, meaning you won’t have to go digging under the mess to find a pen. With a decluttered and neat work area, you can focus more on your job and less on dealing with your mess.

Organization Ideas

Here are some ideas to help you whip your work-from-home space into shape and get it into peak organization.

Tidy Up

Before you start with any actual organizing, it’s time to tidy up your space.

Oftentimes, when large pieces of furniture, boxes, and other miscellaneous items do not have a permanent place in your home, they get dumped into spare bedrooms, the basement, and the home office. If this is the case, now is the time to find a new place to put these items. When you’ve cleared out the space, the next place to tackle is your desk. Go through the paper piles on top of your desk and rummage through your drawers to find things that need to be tossed, filed, recycled, or put somewhere else.

Leave no stone unturned, and go through each object/item to see if you really need it. If something is usable or special, set it aside to incorporate it into your new setup.

Keep Your Desk Drawers Neat

Once you go through tidying and decluttering, you may realize you need some more office supplies you were running out of. Getting fresh pens, highlighters, and notepads can be exciting, but be sure they aren’t going to end up cluttering up your desk drawers.

To keep the clutter to a minimum, while you’re buying new supplies, buy some drawer organizers as well. Whether they’re plastic, wood, or metal, these divider trays will help you easily store and find your pens, paper clips, scissors, sticky notes, and other essential office supplies. With a designated spot for each office item, your desk drawers will have a hard time getting cluttered again!

Pick Up a Filing Cabinet

If you’ve never had a filing cabinet before, you likely don’t realize how much they can come in handy. Having an organized system for all your paper documents can truly make all the difference. When you get one, consider implementing a system to organize your papers to help you quickly and easily find what you need. This could be color-coding, alphabetizing, or categorizing – whatever you choose, just make sure it’s a system that works the best for you.

Utilize Smart Storage Solutions

If your work-from-home space is on the smaller side, maximize space by investing in smart storage solutions. These are pieces that are not only practical but also a statement to help you inject a little personality into your home office.

If you have wall space above your desk, consider adding some stylish shelves so you can arrange books, decorative items, or neatly folded materials. Decorative bins can store miscellaneous items out of sight and keep bigger office supplies, like stacks of printer paper, neatly stored away. Bins with lids will help create a streamlined and organized appearance, and labeling your bins will allow for easy identification.

Don’t Forget to Detox Your Computer

Now that you’ve gotten a handle on your home office organization, don’t forget to spend some time decluttering and organizing your computer! Our world is dominated by screens, and a crowded digital space can be as overwhelming as a messy desk.

Do a digital detox by cleaning your computer files and organizing your email inbox. Delete old documents, create folders for easy navigation, and if you need to keep files for later use, upload them to a cloud storage service so you can keep them safe but still delete them from your computer to keep it tidy.

Maintain Your Organization

Once you’re all organized, know that it doesn’t quite stop here. Incorporating a tidying routine will set you up for success in keeping your space looking the way it does now. While daily tidying is ideal, it might not be practical. So, consider dedicating a little time on Fridays to organize your desk, clear away anything you don’t need, and get it set up for your work week next week. A tidy start sets a positive tone and promotes a more focused and productive Monday (and the rest of your work week!).

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