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Business & Commercial Storage2024-04-09T10:13:49-07:00

For small and large companies alike, there’s no such thing as too much business storage! If you’re a business owner in need of storage space for your inventory or equipment – EZ Access Storage is here to help. We provide a range of secure and accessible self-storage units for your business needs.

Maximize Your Business with Commercial Storage

We understand how many responsibilities business owners juggle. That’s why we’re proud to make the self-storage experience easier with a wide selection of unit sizes to suit any business needs. Our storage facility is the perfect place for small business owners to find some extra room without hassle. We are here to help businesses in:

  • Retail Businesses – Retail businesses often need extra space for excess inventory, seasonal items, or promotional materials. Storage units are the perfect cost-effective way to store inventory without needing a large, more expensive commercial space.

  • E-Commerce and Small Businesses – Self-storage units are great at helping manage business growth. Whether for online shopping growth or rapid small business growth, storage units can be used to house inventory and keep stock organized.

  • Contractors – Contractors work with expensive tools, equipment, and building materials that need to be kept secure when not in use. Storage units offer a perfect hub for keeping these items safe and secure. Vehicle storage also allows contractors a protected parking place to keep their business truck or van when not in use.

  • Catering Businesses – Catering services often need added space for storing equipment, supplies, extra furniture, and seasonal decorations. Storage units provide a convenient option to store these items when not in use.

  • Event Management – Event planning companies and organizers typically use storage units to store event equipment, like audio systems, lighting, staging, and decor items. A storage unit provides a perfect central location for easy access to event supplies.

  • Realtors and Home Staging Businesses – Realtors and home staging businesses use temporary storage for furniture, artwork, and decor items. Self-storage units offer a solution to keep their inventory organized and accessible while working on multiple projects. And thanks to month-to-month contracts, they can rent storage for as long or as short as they need.

What Do Businesses Store?

We understand that business storage is a rather broad term, so what can you store with us at EZ Access Storage? We can help you store:

  • Inventory – Whether you’re an E-commerce business, a hardware store, or something in between, you likely deal with fluctuating inventory. With our self-storage units, we provide a cost-effective way for you to store inventory to keep your store clean, well-organized, and efficient.

  • Records and Documents – Records and documents are often stored in storage units. That’s because those looking to store documents need somewhere secure and convenient to store them. Whether you need to store business transaction records or medical documents, we are here to help you.

  • Equipment – When you rely on equipment for your business (construction machinery, lawn mower, table saw, etc.), you need to know it will be kept safe when not in use. You also need to know you can grab it when you need it. That’s where EZ Access Storage comes in – we offer a secure and convenient place to store equipment for your business.

  • Office Supplies – Got more stuff and less room in your office? Store your supplies in a storage unit at EZ Access Storage and know you can easily stop by and pick up some supplies when needed.

  • Vehicles – If you have a small office or home office and need a secure place to store a company vehicle, you’ve come to the right place! We can help you store your business truck, van, or car with our secure vehicle storage options.

Features to Consider for Business Storage

Drive-Up Storage

For businesses storing materials or equipment, pulling your vehicle up directly to your storage unit to load and unload is a major convenience and a key feature to look out for.

Access Hours

Accessing your items when you need them is important. At our storage facility, we offer gate access activated by your assigned pin code between 6:00am to 10:00pm, allowing plenty of time for business owners to get to their units when it’s most convenient for them.


Whether it’s equipment, documents, or supplies, you want to ensure your business items are kept safe 24/7. That’s why it’s crucial to look for a storage facility that offers the very best security protocols. At our storage facility, we take security and surveillance seriously and have video surveillance, gated access, LED lighting, and on-site managers.

Business Vehicle Storage Solutions

At EZ Access Storage, we don’t just offer storage units for businesses. We can also help you securely store your business van, truck, or vehicle when not in use. Whatever vehicle you need stored, we have a solution that will fit your needs and budget. We offer outdoor parking spaces, covered parking spaces, and can even fit some smaller cars and vans in enclosed storage spaces. We are the place you can trust to protect your business vehicle.

Explore Business Vehicle Storage

Premium Units for Your Business

We have something for every business storage need at EZ Access Storage. While our standard units are perfect for those looking for a regular storage unit, we also offer premium units that can help make business storage go even smoother.

Our premium units with dual doors make it extra easy to access inventory, furniture, and equipment. If you need something in the back of your unit, just open up the other door. No need to move everything around just to find what you are looking for.

Our other premium units with industrial-strength steel shelving are perfect for organizing your business stock, tools, and supplies. Any business owner who loves a clean and organized space will love these premium units with industrial shelving!

10x20 Standard Unit with door open
Standard Unit
10x20 Premium with Double Door Unit
Premium with Double Doors
Premium with Racks

EZ Access Storage is Here to Provide Storage Solutions for Businesses

Large or small, EZ Access Storage is here to provide storage solutions for all businesses whenever the need arises. Find and rent your storage unit today.


What Size of Storage Unit Do I Need?2024-04-10T11:16:42-07:00

Determining the right size of storage unit can be a crucial step in ensuring your belongings are safely stored without wasting space or overspending. Factors such as the quantity and size of items you plan to store, along with any additional space needed for easy access, play a significant role. To help you find the perfect fit, we’ve developed a comprehensive size guide that outlines various storage unit options and provides guidance on selecting the most suitable one for your needs. Explore our size guide page for expert tips and recommendations tailored to your storage requirements.

What Security Measures and Surveillance Systems Are In Place At The Facility?2024-04-10T11:16:18-07:00

At EZ Access Storage, we prioritize the safety and security of your belongings above all else. Unlike other storage facilities, we provide an unparalleled level of security systems and measures to ensure peace of mind for our clients. With thirty-nine (39) strategically placed security cameras meticulously monitoring every corner of the property, each equipped with motion detection technology, we leave no movement unnoticed. Additionally, our premises are fortified with robust security fencing and illuminated by LED security lighting from dusk till dawn, further enhancing visibility and deterring potential threats. Access to the facility is strictly controlled through PIN code gate access, guaranteeing that only clients in good standing are permitted entry. For more detailed information on our comprehensive security protocols, please visit our Surveillance and Security page here.

How Many Different Types of Self Storage Do You Have?2024-04-15T09:06:39-07:00

We have 45 different storage options including 15 different sizes of self-storage, 17 different sizes of covered parking for RV / Boat / Automobile / Snowmobile storage, and 3 different sizes of open parking.

Do You Offer Boxes and Packing Supplies?2024-04-10T12:03:54-07:00

Absolutely! We offer a limited supply of cardboard boxes and packing supplies for storing your inventory. Whether you’re relocating your stock from across town or storing inventory long-term, we’ve got you covered with cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, protective office furniture covers, and more. Our selection is available not only to our valued customers but also to the public, ensuring that all business owners can access high-quality supplies to facilitate a smooth and successful move. Visit our Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies page to explore our comprehensive inventory of moving and packing essentials.

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