Stressed by your child’s chaotic playroom? There’s still hope for a clutter-free space. Here are a few playroom organization and storage tips to help you.

Start Decluttering

It’s great to have a lot of toys and games for your kids to play with. But too many can clutter a space, and you might even find that lots of toys aren’t being played with. So, the first step for any playroom organization project? Decluttering.

Although it’s important for kids to get involved in the decluttering process, some kiddos might find it harder to say goodbye to old toys – even if they haven’t seen or played with them in a while. They can get overwhelmed by this process, ignoring any rational reason to get rid of a broken or old toy. If this sounds like your kid, it’ll be best to do the main decluttering without them.

When it’s time to start decluttering, a great and easy place to start is broken items. If a toy is broken beyond repair or if a game is missing pieces, it’s time to toss it. Next, get rid of toys that your school-aged kiddo played with as a baby or toddler that don’t challenge them anymore. If there’s something sentimental or might be valuable one day for a future sibling, hold on to it in storage. Otherwise, if they’re in good condition still, consider donating them.

Make Zones by Categorizing Toys

If you have room in your playroom, consider making zones or play stations. Basically, this means that you keep certain types of toys in certain areas of the room. These zones are helpful in maximizing playtime, creativity, and imagination, as well as keeping the space more organized. By keeping similar items together, it will allow kids to engage more with their toys since they are not struggling to find things in a disorganized playroom.

Some zone ideas include:

  • Reading nook
  • Crafts station
  • Lego building station
  • Doll neighborhood
  • Free play area

Regardless of what you choose, the idea is to keep like toys together. Create zones that suit your child, and have fun getting creative!

Get the Right Kind of Furniture

It’s essential to have the right kind of furniture in the space for optimal playroom organization. Furniture with storage features or double-duty furniture will help increase the organization and decrease the clutter in the room.

Need some ideas? Consider these functional pieces:

  • Floating shelves – it’s important to think about vertical storage space when organizing. Floating shelves are great for knick-knacks, small books, and toys you want to double as décor. If you’re going to be putting items your kiddo wants on the shelves, just make sure there’s a way for them to get the items!
  • Cube storage – a fan favorite and perfect for playrooms of any size. Cube storage is versatile, sturdy, and an easy solution to keeping rooms looking decluttered and organized. Use crates, baskets, or bins to keep toys hidden from view.
  • Different-sized bins – small toys with easily lost parts, puzzle pieces, and games can all be neatly put away in bins of different sizes. Not only will they help keep the space organized, but they will also become part of the visual appeal of the room.
  • Bench toy box – why not get a toy box that doubles as a bench? This is perfect for hiding away toys but also can be used to sit or play on.

Rotate Toys

Still feel like there are a lot of toys cluttering your playroom? Try creating rotating toy bins. Rotating makes it easy to keep toys clean and sanitized, and it keeps kids more interested in all of their toys instead of just some of their toys. They also help to reduce the number of toys and clutter clean up at the end of the day.

Each bin should contain a random assortment of toys. Use as many bins as you would like to have in rotation. Then, every week or two weeks, rotate the bins. This will allow your children enough time to engage with their toys without giving them too much time to get bored of them.

Create Routines to Keep the Space Tidy

Creating routines to help keep the space tidy is essential for any playroom. Consider setting aside time each night before their bedtime routine to put on a song and tidy up together. Or turn tidying into a fun game. Have the kids count backward from ten and pick up ten items to put back in their zones or storage space. Whatever you decide to do, remember two things: make it a habit and make it fun!

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