If you need to store your car, self-storage is the perfect option for long-term and short-term needs. Let EZ Access Storage provide safe and secure car storage solutions for you and your vehicle.

The Best Car Storage Solution for You

Which storage solution is best for your car? Read on to help you decide.

Short-Term Storage

If you’re moving, going out of town for a short while, or want a place to park your car during home renovations, a short-term car storage solution can help set your mind at ease. And with our month-to-month storage agreements, there’s no need to worry about being locked into a longer commitment than you need.

Long-Term Storage

Our flexible rent agreements also mean you can store your car for as long as you want. Long-term car storage is ideal for families saving a car for their kid, protecting a classic car, keeping a vehicle safe while on deployment, and more.

Winter Storage

If you have a convertible or have an extra car you don’t want to store in the driveway, EZ Access Storage can store your car safely and securely during the winter months.

Commercial Vehicle Storage

We have solutions for every storage need, including if you need to store a fleet of company cars. Whether you need to store a commercial car, truck, van, or trailer, our parking space rentals are available.

Car Storage Considerations

Picking the storage facility for your car is no simple thing. It takes careful consideration because you want to be sure your care will be protected for as long as you leave it stored. Here are key considerations you need to look out for when choosing your car storage facility.


When storing your car in self-storage, you need to be confident that the facility is secure. With gated access, video surveillance, a fenced parameter, and on-site managers, EZ Access Storage takes security seriously.

Explore Our Security and Surveillance page.


When choosing the right storage facility for your car, be sure to think about location. Think about how often you’ll need to go to the facility and determine the most convenient location for you. For those looking for East Wenatchee or Rock Island storage, our facility is conveniently located between East Wenatchee and Rock Island, WA on Highway 28.


The cleanliness of a storage facility can tell you a lot. Storage facilities that take measures to keep things clean show you they care about you and your belongings. At EZ Access Storage, you can have peace of mind we take extensive measures to maintain the quality of our facilities.

Customer Service

The level of customer service at a storage facility matters. Whether you have questions or need help with your car storage, you want to know that someone will be there to help you. Know that at EZ Access Storage, our staff is dedicated to helping you with your car storage needs.

Tips for Storing Your Car

While you can have peace of mind that your car will be kept safe while it’s stored with us, there are still ways you need to prepare your car for storage. Here are some tips to give your car optimal protection while in storage.

Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning

Before putting your car into storage, a thorough cleaning is recommended. This is a simple step that protects your car from buildup that could damage the paint and lead to rust. While ensuring the outside is clean, don’t forget about the inside of your car. Vacuum the inside to ensure there’s no trash or crumbs left behind that pests might enjoy.

Avoid Flat Spots on Your Tires

Especially if storing long-term, you’ll need to plan to avoid flat spots on your tires. If you’re able to, occasionally starting and driving the car around can help you avoid this. If this isn’t an option, tire saver ramps will help keep your tires round while you’re away.

Remove the Battery

This is especially important if you’re going to be storing your car over winter or long-term. A battery that sits for a long time in the cold or just unused will lose its charge. Before leaving your car in car storage, disconnect the battery and take it home with you. A trickle charger can be used to make sure the battery is ready to go when you take your car out of storage.

Invest in a Car Cover

Especially for outdoor car storage, a cover is essential. An auto cover protects your vehicle from dust, damage, sun, and other harsh elements.

We’re Here to Make Car Storage EZ

Our storage facility is here to provide you a seamless and stress-free car storage experience. Trust us to safeguard your vehicle, offering peace of mind knowing it’s in capable hands. Rent your car storage space today.