It’s no secret that July is peak season for moving and self storage. That’s why EZ Access Storage has three EZ moving boxes that will help you pack and unpack in as little as 3 steps!

Dish Boxes

wrap each piece of glassware separately and then pack vertically

Glassware is the number #1 item to break while moving. Pack it right!

Can you guess which item is most likely to break while moving? Drinking glasses! Do you know the second most likely item to break while moving? Dishes! Keep the odds in your favor by purchasing dish boxes, or dish kits. What makes dish boxes different from regular moving boxes? Dish boxes have a double layer of corrugated cardboard, making the walls super sturdy and giving your kitchenwares just a little extra padding. Follow these easy steps for packing your drinking glasses and dishes appropriately:

  1. Purchase boxes that are specifically made to store dishes and glassware.
  2. Wrap each item individually with packing paper.
  3. Pack your dishes vertically, and your glassware upright. Be sure to add extra padding with packing paper when appropriate.

TV Boxes

Washington man packing tv safely in a tv box is the best way to store a tv for moving and self storage moving boxes

Buying a TV box is way cheaper than buying a new TV!

We’ve all helped our friends move before. How many times have you witnessed someone wrapping their TV in a blanket, only to have the screen to be scratched or cracked during the move? Moving your flat screen TV doesn’t have to be difficult. At EZ Access Storage, we think it’s worth the extra money to purchase a TV box. Why? TV boxes are designed to fit your flat screen TV, and most kits come with foam corners to prevent unnecessary shifting while in transition. Furthermore, most kits come with a foam wrap. We recommend using the foam wrap AND that blanket you were originally thinking of using to protect your beloved TV. Here are three simple steps to get you started:

  1. Purchase a TV specific box. We’ve found some reasonably priced ones online for approximately $30.
  2. Wrap your TV in the foam wrap provided, then use a heavy blanket and wrap it again.
  3. Gently slide your TV in the box, and keep your box vertical.

The Wardrobe Box

wardrobe box saves you time and energy

Why spend time folding when you can just hang them up!

In the 24 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen some pretty inventive ways to storage clothes. Our favorite is when people shove their clothes in a garbage bag, and the bag either gets thrown away or mistaken for a donation pile. OOPS!

Most people are willing to buckle down and purchase heavy duty boxes for the TV and for their dishes, but what about for your clothes? If you’re in a time crunch, we think the price of approximately $13 per box is worth saving you time and energy. Instead of taking all of your items off hangers and folding them up, simply take them from your closet and hang them up on the metal hanging rod that’s included with a wardrobe box. Here are three simple steps to get you started:

  1. Get a rough estimate of the clothes you having hanging in your closet. Each wardrobe box can hold approximately 2 feet of your closet space.
  2. Purchase the wardrobe boxes from either Lowes, Home Depot, U-Haul, or wherever you can find them.
  3. Keep your clothes on their hangers and relocate them to the wardrobe boxes. Tape and label.

That’s a Wrap!

Acquiring the right moving boxes is essential for long moves and long-time storage. However, be sure to have additional moving materials such as plenty of packing paper, tape, markers, and moving blankets to make your moving and storage process less stressful. We also know that buying boxes for specific items can be quite expensive, that’s why we’re going to add this little hint: For all your other non-breakables, visit your local grocery store for leftover banana and apple boxes (they are sturdy and free!).

July is peak season for moving and for renting storage units. We have a few left just for you. Renting a storage unit online is as easy as 1,2,3! After you secure your storage unit, go scouting for the three EZ moving boxes for storage. We think it’s worth it, because you are worth it.