The Right Materials Make Moving Easier and Safer

Moving boxes and packing supplies are available in our office on-site here in East Wenatchee, ensuring convenience for your packing needs. A lot goes into moving, and having the right moving and packing supplies not only helps the packing process go smoother, but also ensures your belongings stay in great condition. Let EZ Access Storage help you start your move the right way with proper packing materials.

For moving and storage tips, please visit our blog here, where you’ll find valuable insights and advice to help streamline your moving and storage experience.

The Best Moving Boxes

The moving boxes we have available are built for moving, packing, and stacking. We have exactly what you need for a safe move – check out the different sizes we have available for you.

  • Small Boxes – Small moving boxes are perfect for packing small, heavy, and fragile items. Think books, dishes, glasses, and small picture frames. Small boxes are perfect for ensuring you don’t pack too many heavy or fragile items in one box. This makes it easier for you to move and prevents your items from being damaged inside.

  • Medium Boxes – These boxes are ideal for slightly larger and slightly lighter items. Put your kitchen cookware, small appliances, decorative accessories, and toys in medium-sized moving boxes.

  • Large Boxes – For your large, light, and oddly shaped items, a large moving box will be able to assist you. Use large boxes for blankets, lampshades, and speakers.

  • Extra-Large Boxes – Use extra-large boxes for your extra bulky, big, lightweight items. Pillows, comforters, linens, towels, and stuffed animals will fit perfectly in extra-large boxes.

  • Wardrobe Boxes – If you’re looking to make packing and moving your clothes an easy experience, this is what you’re looking for! Wardrobe boxes allow you to hang clothes, making them an efficient and convenient way to pack and move your clothing.

Why Can’t I Reuse Old or Recycled Boxes?

Why get new boxes when you can reuse old or recycled boxes? We can think of a few reasons.

We know it may be more convenient to grab some boxes from your local grocery store or reuse the boxes from your last move, but in doing so, you might be setting yourself up for trouble. Boxes from your grocery store might still have food remnants inside, and this can attract rodents and pests. As boxes age, they become weaker, increasing the chance of ripping and tearing while moving. Using recycled or old boxes can make a terrible mess for you – stick to new, sturdy boxes that will keep your belongings safe.

Packing Supplies on wall in office

Moving Supplies Near You

Of course, you’ll need more than just moving boxes to have a stress-free move. Plan and pack up all your belongings with our other moving supplies.

  • Packing Tape – Keep your boxes tightly sealed with packing tape. With our options of packing tape and tape guns, your boxes will be kept safely shut until you’re ready to unpack.

  • Bubble Wrap – Cushion your fragile items with this moving supply staple. Wrap between your glass, porcelain, ceramic, and other fragile possessions to keep them safe from damage during your move.

  • Protective Covers – Your large items need protection too. For your furniture, mattresses, and electronics, use protective covers to keep these items clean and dust, dirt, and moisture free.

  • Dish and Glass Protection – Keep your fragile dish and glassware safe with our range of protective packing supplies. With our options, we can easily help you securely pack away your entire kitchen.

  • Tie Downs – With tie down ropes, you can secure furniture and moving boxes in your moving truck to prevent these items from shifting and being damaged during the move.

Heavy-Duty Disc Locks Included With Your Unit!

At EZ Access Storage, protecting the belongings in your storage unit is a top priority. That’s why we offer heavy-duty disc locks for your peace of mind. These types of locks are safer than the typical padlock, as they are tamper-proof and cannot be cut with bolt cutters.

When you rent a storage unit from us and move in, you’ll get a FREE disc lock for every door in your unit. If you have one door, you’ll receive one free lock; if you have two doors, you’ll receive two free locks, etc. The only time we ever charge a customer for a lock is if they lose the keys and we need to replace the lock, then they get charged the full retail value of the replacement lock.

Storage Supplies For Your Vehicle

Storing your vehicle? Don’t forget about storage supplies for your RV, boat, or car, too! We offer RV jack pads, disc wheel pads, and trailer hitch locks to ensure your vehicle is safe, secure, and well-prepared for when you want to take it from storage and go on your next adventure. We also have custom shrink wrapping available for discerning boat and RV owners who want an extra layer of protection for their toys.

Let Us Help Make Your Move EZ

Whether you need moving and packing supplies or you’re ready to rent a storage unit to store items during a move, EZ Access Storage is here to lend a hand. Contact Us to learn more about our supplies, or rent a unit today.