Is your closet in need of some help? Here are six tips to help you conquer your closet organization.

Take it All Out & Sort

The best way to start your closet organization process is to take everything out of your closet. And yes – we mean everything. This can be an overwhelming process, but it will help to start with a clean slate.

After everything is out, you’ll want to sort it by separating items into piles. Make a pile for shoes, outerwear, special occasion wear, etc. Now you can go through and decide which items you need to keep and which items you’re okay with removing from your closet and donating. For some, items that have sentimental value or used to fit/be in style are tough to remove. But if you don’t love it, wear it, and feel it represents you and your look, it’s time to let it go and donate it (if the item is in good shape). At the end of it all, you’ll have items that fit you, flatter you, and you can’t live without.

While you sort, this is also the time to toss anything that’s damaged beyond repair into a trash bag. Broken storage bins, snapped hangers, worn through socks can all be tossed out and cleared from your closet.

Decide on Your Storage System

Before you put your items back into your closet, you need to decide what storage system is right for you. After all, this will help you keep your closet organized, so you want to make sure it works for your space and your lifestyle.

There are lots of great closet organizers out there. You may want to choose something like a closet system kit or keep it simple with a few budget-friendly closet organizers. These can include hanging cubbies, belt or scarf hangers, and hanging racks for shoes. Mix and match closet organizers to achieve the best system to help you maintain order in your closet.

Don’t Forget Bins and Baskets

On the topic of organizers, don’t forget to utilize bins and baskets. They’re a simple solution for stashing away odds and ends and can help keep accessories and workout clothes from littering your closet floor.

You can invest in some nice baskets that match your home décor to keep everything looking neat and cohesive. Or, if you think you’ll store things in bins and never find or see them again, clear bins will help you remember what you’ve got inside. Don’t forget to label your baskets and bins as well, so you don’t have to go sifting through each one hoping to find a missing scarf.

Put Things Back Organized

Okay, now it’s time to put back all your items. But don’t just pop things on hangers and put them in your closet – think about your closet organization goals. Think about a method of organization that will suit you best.

This could mean sorting by category, so shirts are together, then pants, skirts, and dresses. If you want to step it up a notch, categorizing by the length of an item makes your closet look neat and also helps you know exactly where each item in your closet is. You could also put items of the same color in the same area. No matter how you organize your closet, remember that you’ll want to reserve the front and middle of your closet for the clothes you wear most often. So, if you have to get dressed for work each morning at 7 am, your work clothes should be front and center for easy grabbing. Lesser worn items should be placed towards the back or on upper shelves.

Store Away Clothes During the Off-season

If you find you’re still a little tight on space or want to be extra organized, consider keeping your seasonal items stowed away when they’re not needed. Separate your wardrobe into warmer weather and colder weather clothes, and keep the current seasonal weather clothes hung in your closet. Place off-season clothes in bins and keep them safe and snug under your bed or in a storage unit.

Don’t Cram

As time goes on, you’ll add new items to your wardrobe. So, as it fills back up, stay mindful about the closet organization and space you’ve worked hard to achieve. You don’t want to mess it up and go back to square one because you start to cram your closet full again. After all, a crammed full closet will only add stress, and it can be difficult to find things when you need them.

Stay organized, go through your closet every once in a while and remove things you haven’t reached for, and don’t cram! Your closet and clothes will thank you.

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