Looking for RV Storage in North Central Washington that you can trust? Look no further than our covered parking space rentals with 110-volt power outlets. Unlike other facilities in the area, we provide a comprehensive range of options, with 17 different sizes available to accommodate virtually any size RV or camper. Many competitors offer only a limited selection, leaving customers with spaces that are either too big or too small for their needs. At our facility, you’ll never have to settle for less than the perfect fit. With our extensive range of covered parking options, you can rest assured that your valuable possessions are stored securely and conveniently. Take a closer look to learn more about RV storage.

STOP! Before You Rent Your RV Parking Space…

Our covered parking spaces come in a variety of sizes ranging from 14′ to 64′ in length each with a minimum of 14′ in overhead clearance. Each covered parking space is approximately 12′ wide and built at an angle with an extra-wide driveway making maneuvering your RV into the parking space easy. But to store with us, you need to be prepared. This includes making sure you measure the length of your vehicle to ensure it will fit in the space you’re renting. For our covered parking space rentals, there is no overhang allowed. If your RV is too long for the space rented, you will not be allowed to move in.

There are also minimum requirements our RV owners need to meet before storing with us:

  • RVs must be model year 1995 or newer.

  • RVs must be in running condition and currently licensed.

  • The owner must provide a copy of the title or current registration at the time of rental, which will be filed.

RV's and work trucks parked under new covered parking spaces

Reasons for Using RV Storage

Why do people need to use RV storage? There are a number of reasons, including lack of space and the need for more security. Let’s go over some of the most common reasons people seek out storage for their recreational vehicle.

  • More Space at Home – While storing your RV in front of your home or in your driveway can seem like a great option, it’s likely taking up a fair amount of room that could be better utilized. With a dedicated parking spot for your RV at a storage facility, you’ll be able to free up space for your other cars or vehicles.

  • Improve the Lifespan of Your RV – Over time, rain, sun, and snow can harm your RV and shorten its lifespan. With covered storage, like at EZ Access Storage, your RV will be shielded from the elements. This will help your vehicle have a long life and be ready to go whenever you want to hit the road.

  • Avoid HOA Fees – Many residential areas have HOA rules that determine what can and cannot be kept outside of a home for extended periods of time. A common rule many neighborhoods have is that homeowners aren’t allowed to keep RVs in driveways or on streets. To avoid fees, the simple solution is to store it at a security facility where it will be kept safe and out of the way.

  • Increase Security – Your RV may be one of the biggest investments you have, so it’s in your best interest to keep it safe. Storing it at home can leave it vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Luckily, RV storage provides a safer option. At a reputable facility, they will be equipped with advanced video surveillance and other security features to ensure your RV is kept protected.

RV Storage Benefits

Keeping an RV around isn’t always convenient. That’s where RV storage comes in. Here are some advantages of partnering with EZ Access Storage for your RV storage needs:


It’s convenient to store your RV at EZ Access Storage! We have a great location between East Wenatchee and Rock Island, WA on Highway 28. Not only is it easy to drop your RV off, but it’s also easy to pick it up, get on the highway, and head off to your next adventure.


Not sure how long you’ll be storing your RV or camper? No problem. With our month-to-month storage deals, you can keep your RV with us for as long or as short as you need.


At EZ Access Storage, we take security very seriously. After all, you’re storing your important investments with us, and we don’t take that lightly. That’s why we utilize security precautions like video surveillance, perimeter fencing, security lighting, and gated access. Learn more about our Security and Surveillance.

Come Store Your RV at EZ Access Storage

EZ Access Storage is the place you can trust to protect your RV. Our East Wenatachee storage facility is ready to keep your investment safe and make RV storage as stress-free and easy as possible. Rent your RV storage space today.