When storing your boat, shrink wrapping it might have crossed your mind. But what are the benefits? Here’s what shrink wrapping your boat can provide and why you should consider it.

Shrink wrapping your boat with blue shrink wrap to protect it against snow, as seen in this pciture.

Shrink wrapping your boat will keep it more protected from the elements.

Protects Against the Elements

It’s no secret that your boat is going to be up against the elements if you place it in outdoor storage. Sun can degrade your boat’s exterior if it’s exposed for a long period of time. Water and ice can cause moisture accumulation that could lead to material damage. And strong winds can damage your boat as well if your boat cover is not kept securely in place. Shrink wrapping your boat will keep it more protected from the elements than with covers or tarps. Shrink wrap can be sealed around the entire boat. This eliminates any weather-related losses, so you won’t need to worry about your boat while it’s in storage.

No Damage to Surfaces

Tarps and plastic sheeting can seem like an easy and cheap way to cover your boat while it sits in storage. But those covers can move and scratch painted surfaces easily when being stored. Not to mention they can ice up and collapse while in outdoor storage. Unless you’re going to be checking on your boat constantly throughout its time in storage, these options just aren’t practical or safe for your boat. Shrink wrapping your boat, however, is made to fit your boat perfectly and is strong and secure. So that means there won’t be any cover collapses or accidental scratches with shrink wrap.


Mold and mildew growth is something to think about when storing your boat long-term. While your boat sits in outdoor storage with a tarp, moisture can collect under it, promoting mold and mildew growth. When it comes to shrink wrapping, some preventions can be taken so mold and mildew don’t show up in your boat while it’s in storage. At EZ Access Storage, cross ventilation and moisture absorption are included in your shrink wrapping services to inhibit mold and mildew problems.

Extends Longevity of Your Boat

No matter how expensive a boat is, when it’s not taken care of properly, it won’t last for a long period of time. Shrink wrapping your boat helps with the possibility of your boat lasting. With proper maintenance, shrink wrap covers ensure the best level of protection during storage. To get as much life out of your boat as possible, use the best form of protection to make sure that it lasts. Try shrink wrapping your boat and notice the difference it makes in protection and boat storage!

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We provide boat shrink wrapping services on-site!

Let EZ Access Storage Help Shrink Wrap Your Boat

Proper protection during boat storage is crucial. We are providing shrink wrapping for your boat on-site so you can have peace of mind while you store it with us. EZ Access Storage is always here to make your storage experience as EZ as possible in East Wenatchee!