During gardening season, you care for your tools the right way. When it comes to storing gardening tools, you’ll want to take the same approach. Here are some garden tool storage tips to help keep your items safe during the fall and winter!

Garden Tool Storage Tips

Keeping your garden tools safe is important so they can be ready for springtime usage! Here are some tips for easy garden tool storage.

  • Clean Your Tools. Start the storage process with a thorough cleaning. Build-up not only sticks like glue, but it can impact the performance of your gardening tools. Clean, dry, and sharpen each tool before placing them in storage.
  • A blue garden spade, shears, and mini rake covered in rust sitting on top of a wooden table getting ready for garden tool storage.

    Protect your tools from rust with motor oil or boiled linseed oil.

    Protect Against Rust. Rust can find its way onto metal and seriously damage your tools. After cleaning and sharpening, coat metal with motor oil or boiled linseed oil for a more eco-friendly alternative.

  • Keep Wooden Handles in Good Shape. Tools with wood handles can also take a beating if not stored correctly. The wood can dehydrate and wear down faster, causing cracks and splintering. To keep this from occurring, coat the wood with a layer of boiled linseed, coconut, or walnut oil before putting them away.
  • Dismantle Parts. Gardening tools can be bulky to store, but if you have tools that can be dismantled, they’ll be easier to put away. Make sure to place any screws in a clear plastic bag and tape the bag to the base of the garden tool so you don’t misplace them.
  • Store Properly. For smaller tools, place them in a plastic bin with a lid. This allows you to easily label and protect the tools from any outside dust or dirt while it sits in storage. Larger tools can also be placed in plastic bins if they’re dismantled or hung up on a hanging rack if they aren’t.

Protecting Power Tools

Power tools are valuable and need extra protection too. Here are some tips to consider when storing them:

  • Clean Before Storing. Just like your other tools, your power tools need cleaning as well. This will help prevent rust, mold, or bacteria from getting on them.
  • Cover Sharp Blades. Anything with a sharp blade should be wrapped with blankets or bubble wrap and sealed up with packing tape. This will prevent any damage to the blade, as well as any damage the blade could cause while you move it in and out of storage.
  • Drain Fuel. Anything that takes fuel, like your lawnmower, needs to have its fuel drained before your store it. Fuel left in the tank can degrade plastic and rubber parts as well as attract moisture, which can cause rust.
  • Disconnect the Battery. Speaking of your lawnmower, be sure to disconnect the battery and spark plugs as well. That will prevent it from accidentally starting.
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