One of the worst parts about the holiday season is decor storage and the stress and headaches that come with it. To help you avoid that this year, here’s our holiday decor storage guide to help you save time storing items.

Costumes and Linens

Whether it’s Halloween costumes, a Santa Clause outfit, or your nice holiday tablecloths, it’s important to make sure everything is clean before stowing them away. Clothing stains, oil, and food stains are harder to clean the longer they sit in storage. They can also attract bugs and other creepy crawlies. Treat stains and make sure they are completely dry before putting costumes or linens in plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags to keep them free of dust.

Artificial Greenery

When it comes to holiday decor storage, storing your artificial wreaths and Christmas tree right will keep them in good condition for many holiday seasons to come. Wreaths can be delicate and crush easily, so try not to store them in a bin or box. Instead, cover them in a dry-cleaning bag and hang them up. This will keep them fluffy and full looking while keeping any dust away.

For your Christmas tree, it’s best to store it in its original box. If you accidentally got rid of it, there are a few other options for you to try. If you have multiple plastic bins that you aren’t using, you can take apart your tree and place it in a few. Christmas tree bags are also good for artificial Christmas tree storage. Another option is taking cling wrap and wrapping it tightly around your entire tree. When it’s time to get the tree out for next year, you just cut through the plastic and fluff out the branches.

Holiday Decorations

Few things are more frustrating than opening up a box of shattered ornaments, tangled lights, or ruined Hanukkah candles. But a little extra care will keep these decorations safe.

For Christmas tree ornaments, place them in ornament-specific containers to keep them safe. If you don’t have these containers, then head to your local grocery store and grab some bottle boxes. Remember: do not put any heavy decoration boxes on top of ornaments in storage.

Outdoor and indoor Christmas lights can be hard to tell apart, so before storing them for the season, make sure to label which ones are which. To keep them from tangling, coil lights around a clothes hanger or piece of cardboard.

Tapered Hanukkah candles can be delicate, but with some clever storage tips, they can last you a few years. Store your tapered candles in toilet paper or paper towel rolls stuffed with tissue. Be sure to keep them away from warm temperatures so they don’t melt.

A pile of red, white, and brown paper wrapping paper, ribbons and wrapping supplies, ready to go into holiday decor storage.

Stick your rolls of wrapping paper in a laundry hamper or garment bag to keep them safe while in storage.

Wrapping Supplies

Propping your wrapping paper tubes up against the wall in your closet or garage is a rookie mistake. They’ll crease or get damaged, and when you spend money on nice wrapping supplies, you want to keep them looking their best. Instead, stick your rolls of wrapping paper in a laundry hamper or garment bag. For your wrapping accessories – like ribbons, tissue paper, gift bags, tape, and tags – put them in their own smaller plastic bin or a hanging wardrobe organizer.

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Find an Offseason Home for Your Decor

If your holiday decor is taking up too much room in your home or apartment, it might be time to find an offseason home for it all. With a self-storage unit, you can safely store all the holiday decor you use once a year! At EZ Access Storage, we have a wide variety of options available so we’ve got all your storage needs covered. We are always here to make your storage experience as EZ as possible in East Wenatchee!