Organizing your storage unit can help you make the best use of the space, but it’s usually easier said than done. To help you out, here are our top tips for organizing your unit.

Use the Same Box Size

One of the best storage unit organizing tips is to try to stick to one box size for your items. Same-size boxes will stack better and help with accessibility. Large boxes are excellent for things that aren’t very heavy, but might not hold up well at the bottom of larger stacks. They also can be more difficult to remove if you need something out of them. Small or medium size boxes will be the perfect size for most of your belongings.

As a bonus tip, you may also want to consider using clear plastic bins for your storage boxes. We will always be fans of the sturdy cardboard box, but a clear plastic bin will make it much easier to keep track of what’s inside your storage unit.

Label, Label, Label

Don’t forget to label your boxes when storing. When you’re looking for your favorite Christmas sweater but don’t remember which boxes are for “holiday items” and which are for the “kitchen,” you won’t be in for a fun time.

Avoid this rookie mistake by descriptively labeling each box. Instead of writing “closet” on a box, be specific and write “John’s shoes” or “Susan’s summer clothing.” Also, be sure to label the top and one side of each box. This way, if it’s stacked, you’ll still be able to tell what’s inside. Numbering your boxes is also a great way to organize and keep track of your belongings.

Take Inventory

When you place a lot of things in your storage unit, it can be difficult to remember all of them. Big furniture pieces will be easy to remember, but all your smaller items (like clothes, electronics, and hobby supplies) can be forgotten after months in storage.

Keep everything straight by creating and maintaining a list of all the items stored inside the unit. We didn’t say these tips would be easy, but following this tip, in particular, will be worth it in the long run. If you’ve numbered the boxes, you can write down the contents of box one, then two, and so on, on a sheet of paper. Make a copy and keep one with you at your home and one in the unit so you’re never without your list.

Plan Ahead

We know lots of people just like to go with the flow when placing things inside their unit. And that’s completely fine, but not a top tip for organizing it. If you want to organize your unit better, make a general plan of how you’ll place your furniture and boxes inside.

Think about what items you won’t access as much, and which items you’ll pull out more frequently. These can include summer or winter clothing, camping supplies, holiday decoration, or hobby supplies. When you decide on the items you’ll need most, place them toward the front of your unit where you can have easy access to them without having to dig through all your belongings.

Don’t Forget Vertical Space

When packing your storage unit, don’t forget to go vertical with your belongings. Storage units are typically 8 feet high, so you can stack quite a few things and utilize that space. Boxes should be stacked and furniture should be stored upright. Placing shelves along the walls in your unit is a great way to take advantage of more space.

Just remember when stacking boxes to put the heavier ones down first and the lighter ones on top. Be careful of how high you stack your boxes because if you stack them well above your head, the whole stack is susceptible to falling. This creates a hazard not only for you but also for anything breakable you’re storing.

If you used the same size boxes for your unit, consider using this handy trick. When stacking, stack boxes in a brick wall pattern, otherwise known as a brick bond pattern. This allows you to remove and replace boxes almost anywhere in the stack without having to move the boxes above.

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