To help your move go smoothly, let’s go over a few common moving mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Bringing Everything with You

It may seem easier to shove everything into boxes and move it all into your new place, but you’ll only be making moving harder for yourself. By packing everything you own into boxes, you’ll be adding extra time and energy to packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

Before you begin packing, take some time to go through your items and decide if they’re coming with you or not. If they’re not, figure out if they can be donated, given to family or friends, or thrown away. If you’re donating, try to confirm which items are acceptable to be donated. Usually, everyday items organizations won’t take include stained or damaged items, baby furniture, computers, and appliances. By taking the time to pare down your items, you’ll be saving yourself time, money, and effort!

Not Researching Moving Companies

There are plenty of moving companies out there, but they’re not all going to give you great service. You want to make sure your items move safely from point A to point B, so if you plan to hire movers, researching them thoroughly is imperative.

Look up a few moving companies in your area and read through their reviews. Also, get quotes from multiple companies, and ask about the detailed cost for the move, limitations on items, moving timelines, and other services they may provide. If you just go with the first name that pops up on a search engine, you could be taking a major risk with your belongings and peace of mind. You also won’t know if you’re getting a good deal or not. Always best to make sure you do your research before picking movers.

Underestimating DIY Effort

When it comes to DIY moves, don’t discount the additional effort you’re going to put in. It takes a lot of planning, as well as time and strength, to move out all your furniture and boxes and then move everything back into your new place.

It can also be easy to forget the variety of costs involved with a DIY move. You’ll need packing materials, transportation materials, and a vehicle to rent. And if you’re moving far away, you’ll also need to account for meals and lodging on the road and fees for transporting other vehicles. DIY moves are not for the faint of heart, so if you’re planning on doing one, make sure you plan well and don’t underestimate its challenges.

Forgetting to Update Address, Utilities, and Other Services

With all the difficulties that come with moving, some things can easily slip through the cracks. The things you definitely don’t want to forget are updating your address, utilities, and other services. You don’t want to miss a bill or an important package because it got sent to your old address!

Updating your address usually starts with contacting the post office, but don’t forget to update your address with your utilities, online subscriptions, car insurance, creditors, and online purchasing sites.

Using the Wrong Moving Materials

A big moving mistake is using the wrong moving materials. Using the right packing material and gear will go a long way in ensuring your move goes smoothly.

Steer clear of old or leftover boxes for your move. If you have a pile of them, it can seem convenient and cheap, but they’re weak and can easily rip, meaning your items inside will be damaged or destroyed. Trash bags should also be avoided. While they can work well for moving clothes, they don’t provide enough protection for any other items. If you do use them for your clothes, make sure you don’t let anyone mistake them for actual bags of trach and throw them away.

Not Using a Storage Unit During Your Move

Moving is overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into it, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to figure it all out. Storage units are a great way to relieve some of the stress and make the process a little bit easier.

If your move-out date doesn’t line up perfectly with your move-in date, you can utilize a storage unit to keep your items safe until you can move in. A storage unit can also help with the packing and unpacking process. As you begin to pack boxes in your place, you may find you’re running out of room. As you pack, put boxes in your storage unit to help keep everything clutter-free. Then, when it’s time to move in and unpack at your new residence, you can do so at your own pace and bring items from your unit as you see fit. This will help you manage the stress that can come with unpacking.

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