Self-storage is all about convenience and reliability. But did you know you can actually do it wrong? Just like anything else, there are a few tips that can help you make the most out of your storage experience. Whether you’re a self-storage newbie or a long-time tenant, these storage do’s will help you get the most out of renting a self-storage unit in East Wenatchee (or anywhere).

Do get a self-storage unit close to you

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Choose a storage facility close to you for ease of access!

If you’re going to be accessing your unit often, then hopping in the car to drive thirty minutes one way to grab your stuff wouldn’t be very convenient.

A good storage unit is one that’s usefully located near you. The further away your unit is, the more it will feel like a chore. And when you do use it, it will be a huge time and energy sink for you. Don’t let this happen and choose a unit close to you instead.

Do get the right size unit

One of the great things about storage units is they come in different sizes to fit your needs and budget. The smallest, a 5’x5’ unit, is great if you have only a few things to store as it can fit a few smaller furniture pieces. On the flip side, a 12’x30’ unit can hold about a 40-foot moving van and is a popular choice for storing many large pieces of furniture and appliances.

You don’t want to rent a unit that’s too big for what you’re storing as you’ll be wasting money. But you also don’t want one where your stuff doesn’t fit. If you need help deciding on a unit size, don’t hesitate to call up the storage facility so you can discuss your options.

Do stack and store smartly

East Wenatchee couple with boxes in front of faces, getting ready to put their boxes in storage.

Getting similarly sized boxes will help everything stack flush.

Knowing how to stack and store smartly can help you maximize the space in your unit as well as keep you safe.

To stack smartly, try buying boxes of uniform sizes. This will help your stacks sit flush so that no space is wasted. Also, place bulkier boxes on the bottom of your stack, and lighter, smaller boxes at the top. Don’t stack boxes too high. If the stack is over your head, it can potentially topple on to you and cause harm.

Also, don’t put so much in your self-storage unit that you can’t easily access everything. Climbing over boxes to reach your belongings in the back is a bad idea. Instead, make walkways in your unit so that you’re able to get to everything.

Do keep a record of your belongings

There’s nothing worse than searching through all the boxes in your unit to find your long-lost tennis racket. Creating a log of where you place boxes, and what’s in those boxes, will save you from the headache of trying to locate a certain item.

Do reserve a unit online

When you reserve a unit online, you can look at the rates and reviews of the storage facility. You can also view images, unit sizes, features available, and get directions to the facility. You’re also able to easily change your reservation at any time.

The convenience of booking online is not only easy but safe, too!

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If you’re looking for a self-storage unit in the East Wenatchee area, EZ Access Storage is the go-to storage provider. Our storage facility is safe and secure and has security cameras, secure perimeter fencing, and onsite managers for your peace of mind.