There’s plenty of reasons why someone would get a storage unit long term. Some might use it as an extension of their closet to have an easy-access place to get seasonal items. Others might choose a storage option for a place to keep their stuff safe while they head out for a temporary, out-of-state job. Regardless of the reason, long term storage requires a fair bit more planning than short term storage. Here are a few of our favorite long term self-storage tips so you can make this transition as EZ as possible.


Use New Boxes

Woman using new boxes for long term self storage so her items won't get damaged.

Out with the old boxes, in with the new!

This is one of those self-storage tips that can’t be stated enough.

You might have some cardboard boxes lying around from your last move, but avoid them if you can. Those boxes likely have wear and tear already and won’t hold up as well. By using new, sturdy boxes, you’ll have more durability and protection than if you were to use your older boxes with not that much life left.


Label and List

Your long term self-storage plan might include you putting away quite a bit of stuff. Don’t just throw things into boxes leaving your future self to figure out where you stored your TV remote. When you’re packing up, make sure you store like-with-like (i.e. kitchen stuff together, books together, kid’s toys, etc.) and label the boxes. Create a master list of everything you store as well. This way, when you return from your adventure to collect your belongings, you’ll know what you packed and where it is. To be extra on top of your game, make a copy of the list to keep in your storage unit, just in case you lose the original.


Squeaky Clean

Clean your items very thoroughly. And we mean very thoroughly.

Why? Your belongings will do nothing but sit in storage for some time. If you store items with crumbs or stains, then it could attract pests to your unit or the stains could permanently set. The horror! A good cleaning will keep pests and stain-setting at bay. But don’t just wipe your items with a cloth and be done. Wash fabric materials, disinfect appliances, vacuum upholstered furniture, and clean off wood surfaces. Make sure everything is nice and dry before storing!


Avoid Plastic Bags

It might seem easy to grab a garbage bag and shove your clothes or other miscellaneous items in there. But this is a long term self-storage no-no.

It seems like a foolproof idea – plastic repels water, so it’ll keep your stuff safe and dry. However, it’ll actually do the opposite. Plastic can trap humidity and moisture and that can cause mildew and mold to grow. Nobody wants to return from a long time away to their belongings ruined by mold, so steer clear of plastic bags for storage.


Be Gentle

bubble wrap each piece of glassware to avoid breaking while in long term storage

Protect your fragile items in long term storage with bubble wrap!

It might seem silly to be cautious with items that will be doing nothing but sitting for a while, but your items in long term storage pose a higher risk of damage.

Take special precautions so that your items stay intact and unharmed. Wrap any glass items in bubble wrap and protect fragile items in boxes by providing plenty of cushioning. This could be crumpled paper, towels, or even old clothes. Remember to never stack boxes with fragile items on the bottom.


Providing Air Flow

Airflow in any storage unit is important, but it’s especially important for long term storage.

Keeping your items off the ground will protect your items and ensure air circulation. Use wooden pallets or cinder blocks as a base for stacking your items so air can circulate underneath them. Space should also be left between boxes and walls to allow air to move between your belongings.


We Make Long Term Storage EZ

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EZ Access Storage will protect your items while you’re away.

With these long term self-storage tips, your items will remain in excellent condition while you’re away. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your EZ Access storage unit will be kept safe and secure with our security cameras, secure perimeter fencing, and onsite managers. EZ Access Storage is here for all those in the East Wenatchee area.