To protect your boat or RV investment, proper storage is essential. To help you store properly, here are six tips to keep in mind when preparing for boat or RV parking.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Before you place your boat or RV in storage, make sure to conduct a thorough inspection. When you take your vehicle on one last cruise, make mental notes along the way. How is it traveling? What do you need to fix to get it back to top performance? When parked, be sure to inspect seams, windows, doors, and roofs for any issues or cracks as well.

If you notice any problems, make sure to take steps to make corrections before storing. Making sure those issues are fixed will keep them from getting worse while in storage.

Give it a Clean

A dirty vehicle can attract grime, dust, and moisture. Leftover dirt can also damage the paint, lead to rust and corrosion, and eventually weaken the body. So before boat or RV parking, make sure dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and leaves are cleared off the surface.

Give the interior a good clean too! You don’t want to come back to your boat or RV and find rodents or insects have set up camp. So remove all perishables from the inside and clean up all crumbs and stains. Use an all-purpose cleaning solution on non-porous surfaces to get rid of viruses and bacteria. Vacuuming the soft surfaces will help prevent microbes like mold and fungi. Remove all valuable or personal items, and don’t forget the electronics. Switch off and unplug any appliances.

Protect the Battery

Removing your battery might seem like a hassle for boat or RV parking, but it is worthwhile for your battery’s health.

Batteries discharge over time, no matter what. What you want to avoid is completely discharging your battery. A dead battery isn’t fun, especially when you’re ready to retrieve your vehicle and go, but every time your battery is drained under 50% of rated capacity, it shortens its life span. It can also cause battery fluids to discharge, which can freeze if you’re storing them in your boat or RV during the winter. The expansion of fluids often causes the plastic housing to crack, ruining the battery. Avoid all this trouble by disconnecting and storing your battery in a separate safe and dry location.

Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion is a big enemy of boat and RV parking, especially long-term. To prevent rust and corrosion, you need to give your vehicle some kind of protection.

A boat or RV protection spray will do the trick here. Your vehicle should be clean (per our other tip), but if not, make sure to brush off any dirt or mud and then wipe down the whole surface with a damp cloth before applying the spray. Pay special attention to areas that are prone to corrosion. This is a tip you don’t want to overlook, as it could cost you hefty repairs when you collect your vehicle from boat or RV parking.

Don’t Forget the Tires

Whether for a boat trailer or RV, make sure your tires are in good shape. If tires are left unaired for a long period of time, flat portions can develop on the surface and treads and will cause the rubber to deform. When this happens, the tires will be unsafe for the road.

So check the tire pressure and inflate all tires to the recommended amount. Also, consider purchasing tire covers for an extra level of protection. Extreme weather and UV rays can damage and corrode your tires as well.

Cover it Up

Even with covered parking, an all-weather cover is a good idea. It will help to prevent any dirt and dust from getting on your boat or RV, as well as prevent fading and sun damage.

When choosing a cover, make sure to get the right size. It should be big enough to cover your entire vehicle, but not so big it becomes difficult to manage. For boats specifically, shrink-wrapping is a wonderful option to consider as it protects against the elements and extends the life of your boat. If you’re wanting a cover for your RV, make the process easier for you and look for one that was made for your specific make and model.

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