Whether a family is big or small, storage units can help make a difference in a parent’s life. Here are just a few ways renting a storage unit can make your life as a parent more manageable.

If You’re Expecting, it Can Help You Prepare

What to expect when you’re expecting…A lot of stuff. Your baby may be small, but the amount of stuff they come with can clutter up your home quickly. And that can be even before they arrive!

Before your little one is born, it can be helpful to rent a storage unit to help you prepare and keep your home organized. If you’re turning a home office or extra bedroom into a nursery, you can store the extra furniture and home goods safely in your storage unit. Also, after your baby shower, you might not have room to sort through all your new gifts. A storage unit can give you the space you need to go through everything you received. Then, anything you won’t need immediately can stay in storage until you need it or you clear out enough space in your home.

Make Moving Easier

When your family grows, your need for more space grows as well. Moving your family can be a stressful endeavor. But with a storage unit, it doesn’t need to be.

With a storage unit, you can consider moving in two phases. The first phase is getting all the essential furniture, linens, kitchenware, and clothes into your new home. The second phase is storing everything else in a storage unit, and when you’re ready, you can bring items into your home to unpack as you see fit. No stressing about all the boxes and clutter in your new home. Just easy, stress-free setting up your home with the help of your storage unit. If you’re looking for more moving tips, check out our blog article on moving mistakes you definitely want to avoid

Store Items to Pass Down

If you’re a parent of one and thinking of adding another, a storage unit can be helpful to keep items to pass down. Why go out and buy new baby clothes, toys, and supplies when you still have ones from your firstborn? This can be even more helpful if you plan on holding off for a little while before you have your next little one, as storing items in a storage unit will ensure everything stays in great condition.

Even if you’re done having kids, there are always friends or family who might be able to use your old baby items. Not everyone has a basement or attic to store these items, and they can take up a lot of space when left hanging around in your home. That’s why an affordable storage unit is a perfect place to store these items.

Store Items Your Child isn’t Ready For

Sometimes, your child might seem like he’s ready for a big boy bike, but turns out he might actually not be. Parents, friends, or family may purchase a gift for your child that they may not be old enough for. While that’s fine, those items can take up valuable space in your home, just waiting until your child is ready to use them. Also, leaving them around could be tempting to your child and could cause injury if they try to use them when they’re not ready. A storage unit is perfect to store those items until your child becomes ready to use them.

Store Seasonal Outdoor Toys

Playing outside is a great part of childhood! However, outdoor toys can quickly discolor, crack, or break during the winter seasons. Don’t keep your items outside or clutter up your garage with them. Instead, consider a self-storage unit to keep your child’s outdoor toys safe for the spring and summer seasons. Not only will they be clean and ready for playing, but you won’t have to spend more money replacing the damaged toys. It’s a winning situation for everyone!

Protect Sentimental Items

You don’t think it’s true until it happens to you: kids grow up so fast. One minute they’re in diapers learning to crawl, and the next, you’re watching them say their vows on their wedding day. Holding onto special memories from when your child grows up can be meaningful not only for you as a parent but for your child one day too. When holding onto those sentimental items, you’ll want to make sure everything is treated with care. Storing these items at home can be convenient, but you can run the risk of losing something or even damaging it. With a storage unit, you can safely and easily store and preserve any mementos.

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