Got a lot of stuff? A storage unit can help you out! There are plenty of reasons why it’s smart to rent your own unit, but not all storage facilities are the same. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a self-storage facility.

The Size You Need

When it comes to picking the right self-storage facility, you need to know what storage unit size you need. Some facilities only offer a small selection of sizes, and if you choose wrong, you could end up with something unsuitable or not cost-effective. A great self-storage facility provides a variety of sizes so you can pick the perfect one to suit your needs. Make sure you get an accurate idea of the size you are looking for, then make sure a facility can accommodate you. If you rent something too big and can’t fill it, then you are losing money. If you rent something too small, you won’t be able to fit all your belongings into storage (which could be another waste of money).


For many, security and safety are core factors when it comes to picking a suitable self-storage facility. Your items have value, and whether it’s commercial or sentimental, you need to keep everything safe. Always make sure the place you choose has a decent level of security. A good facility will have secure perimeter fencing, secure gate access, security cameras, security lighting, and locks on each unit. Even better is if they have a manager or security onsite to minimize the chance of crimes happening.


A good location for your storage unit is also worth consideration. You don’t want to sign up for a place that is far and hard to get to, especially if you need frequent access to your items. Picking a facility close to your home or business will not only be convenient, but it will help you save some commuting costs. If you don’t need quick access to your stuff, then location might not be a huge factor for you. However, keep in mind when you do eventually need to access your unit, it won’t be as easy as a closer facility.


Cleanliness might seem like an odd factor to consider, but it can be essential for the safety of your items. When a facility is properly maintained, you can feel confident in leaving your belongings in a unit there. You don’t have to worry about cracks in the walls letting in moisture or holes in floors letting in pests. Make sure to check units for cracks and animal droppings in the corners, and take a look at the office and area’s landscape. If everything is well maintained, you know you’re dealing with a reliable facility that will keep your stuff safe.


When you go to buy something online, you might look up reviews to see if the product and company are up to your standards. You should do the same when considering a self-storage facility! Check and see what the community has to say. Keep in mind that people who post reviews tend to be very satisfied or unhappy with their experience. Read through the reviews carefully, but if the majority of commenters are positive, you’re probably in the clear.

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