Finding a home with the perfect amount of storage space can be a challenge. If your current home is lacking in closet or storage space, there are a few things you can do to create some extra room. Here are our tips to help you increase your household storage.


First, to increase your household storage, you need to get rid of anything that isn’t used or wanted. Go room by room and pull out items that you no longer want, don’t get used, or are broken or damaged. This will help to clear up more storage space in your house.

Put Dead Space to Good Use

When storage space is limited in your home, think outside the closet! Look for dead space to utilize. If your bed is close to the ground, add risers to raise the bed frame a couple of inches and use the space underneath to store linens or extra clothing in low-profile plastic containers. There are also a variety of organizers, racks, and shelving that can be placed in small recessed areas, corners of rooms, or bottoms of closets. Even Lazy Susans or totes on wheels can help use up space deep in cabinets or pantries.

White kitchen with open shelving with plants, plates, and cups on it - a great way to get extra household storage space.

Utilize shelving in the kitchen to store herbs, drinking glasses, and plates.

Think Vertically

Don’t forget your wall space can be used for storage as well! Shelving can be used next to your bed to store books and family photos and in the kitchen to store herbs and drinking glasses. You can even utilize your ceiling space as well! Hang up a ceiling rack in your kitchen to keep your pots and pans. This way, you free up more cabinet space for kitchen gadgets while also uniquely displaying your cookware.

Use Accents That are Pretty & Functional

Decorative boxes, lidded jars, baskets, and bowls can add style to your space while also adding discrete household storage space. These little accents are ideal for storing remote controls, keys, and other small items that are hard to keep track of. If you plan to use baskets for storage as part of a display on a bookcase, get multiples of the same color and style to create a cohesive look.

Get Furniture that Multitasks

Getting furniture that looks great while providing extra household storage is a smart choice. Storage ottomans, tables with drawers, small chests, and beds and couches that have hidden storage compartments are perfect places to stash throw blankets, magazines, extra linens, and board games. And even though e-books are becoming more popular, bookcases are still a great place for displaying and storing items.

EZ Access Storage logo on white background.

If you still have too much stuff, consider renting a storage unit with EZ Access Storage!

Get a Storage Unit

Even if you’ve followed the other tips, you might just have too much stuff for your home. If that’s the case, consider renting a storage unit! A storage unit can free up valuable storage space in your home while storing seasonal items, furniture pieces, electronics, and valuable antiques and heirlooms safely and securely until you need them. EZ Access Storage would love to help you out. We have a wide variety of options available so we’ve got all your storage needs covered. EZ Access Storage is always here to make your storage experience as EZ as possible in East Wenatchee!