Long-term or short-term, moving homes or just decluttering extra stuff, storage units are extremely helpful for lots of occasions. To help you store things right, here’s a list of some of the most popular stored items and tips on how to store them.

Green couch sitting in living room with beige wood table in front of it and three pictures hanging above it.

Furniture pieces are the most popular stored items found in storage units.


The most popular stored items? Furniture! Whether you’re storing most of the furniture in your home or just a few pieces, here are some tips for storing them:

  • Disassemble large furniture for ease of moving and storing. Don’t forget to keep the right screws with the right furniture.
  • Place an “X” on glass and mirrors by using masking tape or packing tape to reduce breakage.
  • Use cupboards and dresser drawers as extra storage! Just make sure the drawers are clean and that you don’t over-stuff.
  • Wrap cushioning around furniture corners with bubble wrap, towels, or blankets. This will prevent any denting and scratching.

Books, Magazines & Photos

Books and photos can hold special memories, but if they aren’t stored properly, they can fade and fall apart. To prevent them from perishing, here’s how to keep them safe:

  • Photos can fade if left out. Protect them by placing them in acid-free protective film as it can prevent degradation.
  • Putting up storage shelves can make storing books a breeze. If you’d like to protect them from dust, drape a blanket or tarp around the shelves.
  • If you’re putting magazines or photos in boxes, make sure to label the publisher, year, or photo group (“Photos with the kids”) so you can easily find them in the future.


When your closet gets too full, using your storage unit as an extension is a great idea. Here’s how to properly store clothing:

  • Before storing your clothes, make sure you wash everything. This is critical to maintaining longevity. If you don’t, your clothes can grow mold or mildew over time.
  • Don’t vacuum pack your clothes. It may save you space in your unit, but it can be very damaging for your clothes and can lead to permanent creasing and wrinkles.
  • Use wardrobe boxes and plastic pins. These will keep your clothing safe in storage no matter how long you leave them.
A laptop, tablet, phone and desktop computer sitting on a desk.

Keep things organized by keeping cords together with their associated devices


Parting with electronics can be hard for many people. That’s why they’re some of the more popular stored items! Regardless of if your electronics are new or old, here are some tips for storing them:

  • Before you disassemble anything, take photos of complicated wiring configurations. This will make setting up your systems again much faster.
  • Keep things organized by keeping cords together with their associated devices. Secure cords with zip ties to their matching devices. If you think they could get mixed up, make sure to label the cords as well.
  • Computers have to be stored properly because if they aren’t, even the smallest amount of static could result in short circuits. Use anti-static bags for smaller parts and be sure to wrap and pad any monitors, desktops, and laptops.

Music & Sports Equipment

Keeping music and sports equipment in your storage unit is a great way to free up space in your home while still having them easily accessible. Here’s how to store your sports goods and musical equipment:

  • Before going into storage, any sports equipment – football, hockey, tennis, etc. – needs to be clean. Making sure they’re clean will keep them from having any lasting damage.
  • For your golf clubs, storing them in the golf bag with rain covers over the clubs will keep them clean and dust-free.
  • Storing your instrument with its cover is a great way to protect it from damage.
  • You may think amps and speakers are okay to sit uncovered, but the dust can get into the electronics and could cause malfunctions. Cover them with a dust sheet to keep them protected.

An EZ Way to Keep Your Stuff Safe

With these tips for the most popular stored items, your stuff will be kept safe and secure. EZ Access Storage is always here to make your storage experience as EZ as possible.

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