Nobody likes unwelcomed visitors, especially pests. In your storage unit, rodents and bugs can do major damage to your items. However, there are some simple steps you can do to protect your belongings and keep critters out of your unit.

Man in yellow tshirt sealing up a box with packing tape.

If you choose to use cardboard boxes, make sure to seal them all over with strong packing tape.

Use the Right Containers

When packing your belongings, using cardboard boxes might seem like a no brainer. However, using old, weak boxes can be an invitation for mice and bugs to enjoy your stuff.

Your best bet against pests: plastic containers with air-tight lids. They are chew proof and don’t have crevices that allow any unwanted visitors to crawl inside. If you choose to go with cardboard boxes, buy them new and carefully seal up all seams with heavy-duty packing tape. New boxes will be stronger and less likely to have split seams or punctures where pests could enter.

Prepare Your Unit

Before moving in, take some time to check out your empty unit. Check for any crevices or cracks that could allow rodents or bugs to get in. Remove any spider webs. If you’d like, you can spray your unit down with bug spray to create a barrier. Using mousetraps is also an option, but keep in mind that you’ll have to stop by your unit regularly to check traps and empty them.

Want to keep pests from your unit but want something non-toxic? Peppermint oil is a great option as it’s a natural deterrent of mice and spiders. It’ll also leave your unit smelling nice every time you visit! To use, place a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place them in the corners of your unit, or at any crevice you think a pest could enter through. You can also take a spray bottle and fill it with two teaspoons of peppermint oil and one cup of water. Close the lid, shake well, and spray along the walls of your unit.

Close up of crusty homemade bread in front of a white background.

Keep any food (even pet food) out of your unit.

Never, Ever Store Food

Seriously. We mean never. Storing food in your unit is like hanging up a little “Welcome!” sign for hungry critters.

To keep hungry mice and bugs away, be sure to clean all your things thoroughly. Vacuum all the crevices of your couch to remove crumbs. If you’re storing kitchen items in your unit, make sure they are well cleaned and dried. Sweep your storage unit to ensure there are no crumbs leftover from your previous tenants or the lunch you had there on moving day.

Wrap Your Upholstered Items

Your upholstered couch and mattress are goldmines for pests looking for nesting material and space. Wrapping your couch, chairs, and mattress in plastic or breathable material will keep them safe from not only being chewed up but from a potential critter walking on them. A not so fun fact: as mice walk, they leave a trail of urine everywhere they go. Yuck! Keeping your furniture wrapped up will keep them safe. Just make sure nothing is wrapped too tightly; you don’t want moisture damage on your furniture either.

Visit Your Unit Often

The easiest way to fix a rodent or bug problem is to catch it and address it right away. If you can, try to visit your storage unit every month or so. When you visit, make sure to inspect for any signs of pest damage. These signs could be new holes, the presence of bugs, or rodent droppings. If you do notice any of these things, contact management immediately.

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