Packing up your home can be daunting, especially when you don’t have much time to do it. If you find yourself handling a last-minute move, don’t fret. EZ Access Storage has tips on how to pack your things in a pinch so your move goes quickly and smoothly.

A woman taping the top of a medium sized cardboard box.

Get your supplies as soon as possible, so you have easy access to everything while packing.  

Prepare Supplies

The first step for a last-minute move is to get your supplies ready. Seem obvious? In the panic to try and get all the packing done, you might misplace your scissors or not have packing tape. Save yourself from wasting time and make sure you have your supplies ready to go. This includes bubble wrap, labels, box cutters, packing tape, and most importantly, boxes. Get these things as soon as possible, so you have easy access to everything while packing.

Pack Room by Room

Packing your entire home can be an overwhelming thought. Instead, make it easier for yourself and break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Focusing on packing one room at a time will increase your productivity and get the job done faster. If you want to take it a step further, starting in big rooms and end in small ones. Pack big communal spaces like a dining room or living room first then move onto bedrooms and finish up in the bathrooms. Packing the smaller rooms last will keep your motivation intact as you’ll finish them faster, and this will help make your last-minute packing less stressful.

Pack Essentials First

In the midst of the chaos, it’s easy to forget about the essentials that really matter. Before you start deciding where everything is going, take a second and think about what you’ll need your first few nights at your new place. Gather up those things and put them in a separate box or bag with a label like “First Day Box.” This way, you can rest assured that the things you need to reach for quickly are ready nearby and not packed away at the bottom of a box.

Throw Away Items

To save you time, try and lighten your load as much as possible by donating or throwing away items you don’t need. This is the best time to start decluttering and getting rid of things you no longer use. The last thing you want to do is to haul items from one place to another only to realize it’s a bunch of stuff you don’t really need anymore. Save yourself the frustration and pare down your items to stuff you love and want in your new home. Not only will you go into your home with the things you really need and want, but it makes packing a whole lot easier!

A man and a woman holding folded clothing, putting them in a cardboard box.

Don’t waste your time carefully folding clothing for your last-minute move.

Focus on Getting it Packed

When you’re on a time crunch, you need to fight the urge to be overly precious with your things. This shouldn’t be an invitation to wildly throw items into boxes and bags, but you can also skip the extremely detailed sorting and organizing. There’ll be plenty of time to sort and arrange your things when you’re in your new place and settled in.

Helpful tip: leave clothes on the hangers. This will help you get your closet packed faster. You can take your clothes and lay them in the trunk of a car or place them inside a trash bag with the hangers sticking out. This will make unpacking and putting your clothes in your new closet extra easy too!

Ask for Help

If you really want to expedite the packing process for your last-minute move, ask for help from family or friends. They will not only help get the job done faster, but they’ll be able to keep you on track and help prioritize and sort your items with you. Just don’t forget to show appreciation by ordering a meal while they’re helping you pack or gifting them beer or baked goods after you’ve moved into your new place.

Rent Self-Storage

When you move, renting a self-storage unit is a great way to save time and hassle. As you finish packing one room, you can place those boxes in storage to keep things organized and free up more space for more packing. And if you’re moving into a smaller place, self-storage will allow you to keep things you might’ve otherwise thrown out.

If you’re looking for a self-storage unit in East Wenatchee, EZ Access Storage is your go-to storage provider. We have a wide variety of options available so we’ve got all your storage needs covered. EZ Access Storage is always here to make your storage experience as EZ as possible!