At EZ Access Storage, we want to help you succeed in your home-selling process. Do you, like the rest of us, have too many items in your home creating clutter? If so, EZ Access Storage has the perfect storage unit to help you get your home ready to sell.  No matter what length of time you want to store your items, we will work with you to accommodate your needs. Keep reading to discover how EZ Access Storage can get you ready to sell your home.

More General, Less Individual

Family word above empty picture frames to show what type of personalized items to remove before selling your home.

EZ Access Storage recommends putting personalized items in storage.

When you own a home, it’s common to decorate it with many household items that are personalized. The most common items are family photographs and decorative art that has been customized. However, any type of individualized objects should go into storage when you prepare your home to sell.

One of the major reasons behind this is that you want potential buyers to visualize the house becoming their own home. This becomes tricky when every wall is plastered with family vacation photos. Moreover, it can also be an added safety measure. Do you really want perfect strangers peering at your most valuable and sentimental things? We didn’t think so. Therefore, this should be the first items to be wrapped and stored away in moving boxes.

Declutter Your Home!

Decluttering your home can be an overwhelming job. At EZ Access Storage, we recommend focusing one room at a time, and having a few boxes, bags, and bins on hand.

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In order to get your home ready to sell, you have to declutter your home.


To start decluttering your knickknacks, keepsakes, and heirlooms, you’ll want to start with at least three medium-sized boxes for each room. You may need more, or less, depending on the room and the amount of clutter you have.

The items you put in these boxes, i.e., personal documents, photographs, souvenirs, etc., should be going to storage. The trash bags can be filled with all the items you plan to donate. The bins are for trash and recycling. As you go through each room, decide what you want to keep, throw-away, or donate. We recommend taking care of your smaller items before you get to your furniture.


Now, for the big stuff. Generally speaking, you should remove about half of your furniture. As a result, the interior of your house will appear larger. Once you’ve decided which furniture will go into self storage, and which furniture will stage your house, you need to position key pieces away from the walls.

Need more convincing? In one survey, 39% of sellers’ agents reported that staged-homes sell faster than un-staged ones. Also, studies suggest that more buyers can visualize the home as their own. Remember, you are going for the “light” and “bright” look.

Closets & Cabinets

One last area to consider is decluttering your closets and cabinets. Believe it or not, but potential buyers are nosy! They will be opening closet doors and the cabinets in your bathrooms and kitchen. Impress even the pickiest buyer by decluttering this area, too! With handy wardrobe boxes (See our last article on EZ Moving Boxes for Storage), dish boxes, and other types of storage containers, there is no reason why your closets and cabinets can be neat and organized!

Gear & Garage

Lastly, you’ll want to put away all your spare outdoor gear and make your garage presentable. We know that people in the beautiful state of Washington are gear collectors. Whether your sport is golfing, kayaking, fishing, off-roading, etc., we know you have gear crowding your garage. In order to prepare your home to sell, you should put some of your big-ticket items in storage. Not only will your garage space look larger (and cleaner), but you won’t have to worry about showing off some of your prized possessions to strangers.

Take the EZ Way

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EZ Access Storage has the perfect storage unit while you prepare to sell your home.

“How to get ready to sell your home?,” is a common question for us. By being proactive and renting your storage unit early, you’ll save a lot of headaches when you start the decluttering phase of the selling process. At EZ Access Storage, we always recommend renting a storage unit for a long as you think you’d need to accommodate the sale of your home, and you’ll already be prepared when you arrive to the moving phase!

Whether you are moving to, or from, the Wenatchee area, EZ Access Storage has the perfect unit for you. Come see why in the past 24 years, we have been the best self storage facility in the north-central area of Washington. Happy Moving!

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