Fall is here, which means sunny warm days are wrapping up and winter is close to follow. Winter may not officially start until December 21, but those in Washington know that doesn’t mean the cold and snow wait until then to come through!

Getting ready to pack away all your spring and summer things is a great first step, but it can easily be overwhelming trying to remember what you need to store. For your EZ storage needs, here is a handy guide for winter storage. This guide will not only help you choose what to store but when it’s time to unpack, you’ll have an inventory of what’s in your EZ Access Storage unit!


Pack Up Your Warm-Weather Clothes

Out with the breezy shirts and shorts, and in with the jackets and coats! As you start putting your warm winter knits back in your closet, you may find it’s stuffed to the brim. So instead of keeping your warm-weather clothes in your closet, pack them up and store them for the winter.

Clean clothes are necessary for storing. If you blow off fixing that small stain on your pants now, it will be extra difficult to remove after a winter in storage. If you’re storing dry cleaned items, remove them from the dry cleaner’s plastic bag. Those bags can trap moisture that can lead to discoloration or mildew.

When you store clothes for the winter, you want to have the right supplies. Here’s a small list so you can maintain the best personal storage:

  • Hangers: If you plan to hang your clothes, select sturdy hangers that won’t rust or discolor fabrics. If you’re hanging skirts and pants, get some skirt hangers to avoid any creases.
  • Wardrobe Boxes: With hangers, comes wardrobe boxes! These will keep your clothes wrinkle, dust, and damage-free.
  • Storage boxes: This may seem unnecessary when there are things like wardrobe boxes. However, many clothes, like knits, need to be folded rather than hung. Make sure to grab a few to store those clothes safely.


EZ Storage for Your Recreational Vehicles

Once the weather begins to get a little chillier, your motorcycles, ATVs, and other fun recreational vehicles tend to stay parked until spring rolls around. While there may be a few days for a nice ride for the rest of October, they will become less and less as winter creeps in. Instead of trying to squeeze these vehicles in your garage or storing them under a tarp outside, plan on some EZ storage instead.

We will keep your vehicles safe and secure until you come to pick them up next spring. If there happens to be a nice day and you’re wanting to go for a ride, head on over to your unit, pick up your vehicle, and enjoy it for the day!

Couple goes on ATV ride before storing them for the winter

Store your ATV safely so you can pick up where you left off in the spring!


Say Goodbye to Summer Gear

Summer and fall fun include camping, biking, kayaking, and just getting out and enjoying nature. But as the temperature begins to drop, those outdoor activities come to a stop. Packing up your camping gear or other outdoor accessories for EZ storage is the best way to go to avoid damages.

Your garage or basement are options for storing outdoor gear. Since it’s your own household self-storage though, it could get packed, and finding space to fit everything might be impossible. These areas can also be prone to water damage and the last thing you want is your expensive camping equipment getting ruined. EZ Access Storage is a great option for protecting your outdoor gear since each one of our units has a raised concrete floor to save your items from rain runoff and melting snow.


Keep the Rest with You

While we keep your stuff safe in your unit, there are a few things you should make sure stay with you at home. Here are a few items that are better kept with you and stored in a heated living space:

  • Paint and cleaning products: While it might seem easier to keep in storage, prolonged cold temperatures will affect their consistency, color, and effectiveness.
  • Electronics: Especially if you plan to donate these, any condensation can damage solder joins and cause circuit boards to crack.
  • Propane tanks: Best to keep more flammable things with you at home so you can keep an eye on them safely.


We’ve Got You (and Your Stuff) Covered

EZ Access Storage logo

EZ Access Storage will keep your items safe all winter long.

With this guide in mind, winter storage will be a breeze and you’ll be ready to pack away your stuff in no time. EZ Access Storage is here to help you with all your East Wenatchee storage needs. With multiple sized units, finding the perfect one to fit all your winter storage will be a breeze.


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