Avoid the heartache of broken keepsakes or shattered glassware by packing your fragile items properly. Here’s our guide to packing and storing your delicate items the right way.

Know the Types of Packing Material You Need

Using the right packing material for your fragile items is the first step to ensure they’re kept safe during storage. Different items require different packing options to keep them protected. Here are some of the materials you should have on hand:

  • Bubble wrap: A classic way to cushion your valuables. Simply wrap the material around your fragile items and secure with tape.
  • Packing peanuts: This is great for filling empty spaces inside a box and for taking up the space between items and the sides of the box. They help withstand vibrations and shocks as well as level out the box to provide the protection your items need.
  • Furniture pads and padded inserts: Furniture pads help to make sure items stay in place, and padded inserts can be used on glass, dishes, and ceramics.
  • Paper: Newspaper might be a common go-to for packing valuables, but it can be a little thin. Kraft paper, or other heavier grades of paper, are better for wrapping fragile items.

As for boxes, make sure they’re sturdy. New is best, as old boxes are weaker and can break more easily. Cardboard boxes work just fine, but plastic bins are an option for storing valuable as well.

Pack Glassware Carefully

To avoid breaking your delicate glassware, wrap each cup or glass in packing paper. If you want to save some space, place smaller glasses inside larger pieces with crumpled paper in between. When packing the glassware in boxes, place the heavier pieces at the bottom and the lighter ones at tome. Make sure to add paper or packing peanuts in all the space around and above the glassware.

Protect Dishes and Plates

Place dishes and plates vertically in a small to medium box lined with crumpled packing paper. Each plate should be wrapped securely in bubble wrap. You can add paper or cardboard dividers between the plates for added stability. Be sure to check the weight of the box as you load up the dishes and plates so it doesn’t become too heavy to move.

Handle Artwork Properly

Artwork, whether framed or not, needs careful handling. Artwork can be delicate, so be sure to handle by the outer edges or the frame only. To protect your pieces in storage, cover the edges with cardboard corners and wrap the entire piece in acid-free paper, which is built to protect artwork during long-term storage. Then add a few cardboard sheets to the back and front of your artwork and place it in a cardboard box. While storing them, place them upright to avoid any accidental stepping or crushing of them.

Be Smart with Your Appliances & Electronics

For electronics, original boxes will come in handy during storage as they’re the best for keeping them secure. If you don’t have them, place the electronic and all its parts in a plastic bag. This will keep things organized as well as keep dust away, which can be damaging.

Appliances that have stainless steel or other shiny finishes are prone to scratches. To protect smaller appliances, wrap them in paper or plastic. For larger appliances, a sheet or blanket will help cover and keep them scratch-free.

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Pack and Store with Care

Hopefully, these tips come in handy when packing and storing your fragile items. Packing your items with care will ensure your moving and storing process is a breeze!

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