Want to know how short-term storage can benefit you? Read on to learn about the different ways a short-term storage rental can make your life easier.

Moving or Relocating

While moving or relocating is an exciting process, it’s also a stressful one. You need to organize and collect all the items you want to take with you and then try and get them to your new home without any problems.

To make the whole process easier, rent a storage unit short-term. Instead of trying to pack and move everything within a few days, a short-term rental will allow you to take your time. In the month or two leading up to your move, you can transition your items into storage. Then when it’s time to unpack, you can take your time and move into your home gradually. The extra space to keep your things relieves the stress and pressure you feel to move quickly.

Renovating Your Home

Home renovations, like painting or replacing the floors, are fun but messy endeavors. The last thing you want is paint splashing on your lamps or chairs, having them submerged in dust, or worse, breaking them during the chaos.

This is where a short-term unit rental comes in handy! You can rent a storage unit to safely store your belongings and furniture away from the messy renovation process. And once that month or two time period is up, you can bring everything back into your beautifully redone home.

Clearing up the Spare Room

Spare rooms are great for two things. Keeping guests and dumping all the random stuff you keep in your home. It’s easy to use your spare room as a dumping ground. But it can become overwhelming quickly, and then you’re left with a room filled with bedroom items and random things you haven’t touched.

Good news: a short-term storage unit can help you clear out your spare room. If you want to transform your room into an office or gym, you can move the bed and side tables into a temporary storage space. Or, on the flip side, you can go through all the items you keep in the room and figure out which things you’d like to sell. Take pictures, post them online, and while you wait for people to purchase your unused belongings, you can keep them in your short-term unit so they don’t clutter up your home anymore.

Storing Student Belongings

During the summer, college students have to figure out what they’re going to do with all their belongings. Shipping everything home is expensive and complicated, not to mention they’ll have to send everything back in the fall.

Short-term storage is the answer! Before summer break begins, students can rent a short-term unit and safely store all their dorm and college belongings. Then when school starts up again, they can access their items quickly and easily.

Putting Away Garden Furniture and Tools

Storing your garden furniture and tools in a short-term unit is a great option for keeping them in the best condition. Tools and furniture should be kept dry and clean when you’re not using them. If you leave your garden furniture outside in the winter, it’ll likely need a lot of work before you can use it when the weather warms back up. Your tools will also need lots of TLC if you leave them out as well.

You can store your garden furniture and tools in a storage unit during the winter months. This will not only keep them safe and in spotless condition ready for the spring, but it will allow you to have extra space in your garage or storage shed.

Storing Business Inventory

Growing businesses inevitably outgrow the garages or home offices where they were started. Skip the step where you store product in your home until it becomes impracticable and get a secure self-storage unit.

Business real estate can be expensive, so don’t buy until you have to. A short-term rental will help you accommodate extra inventory as your business grows. When you’ve outgrown the unit and are ready to take the next steps, then you can move your inventory into your business’s new office.

For Life Changes

Divorce, grief, or moving in with a partner are times when you may find you have more possession than enough space to store them. Instead of feeling like you have to toss out items you may need or want in the future, rent a short-term storage unit. This will keep your items safe and allow you to come back and retrieve or sort through items when you’re ready.

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